How do we get to 2.0?


Everyone's opinion matters

Our civilization is currently dominated by a small fraction of our global population. This would be okay if this group were trustworthy, acting in the best interest of everyone and of our planet. Day by day, it is decreasingly that way. 

I want the opposite. Everyone must influence our civilization and our best interests must prevail. The first step is optimism that we can do it and deserve it. Out of that optimism and the energy it releases, we want to design what it shall be like, all of us together, a merry experiment in how to build a world that we can all love and admire.

An immersive reality

The experiment we have in mind is the creation of a working model of 2.0 backed by scholarly research and observation.

Imagine playing a game where everyone is constructing a civilization in great detail. You are immersed in what is being created, getting a feeling for what works. You look for ways of minimizing or eliminating anything that doesn't quite feel right.

The prize

Our other goal is to look for steps that can nudge the real world further towards 2.0. Right now all we see are insurmountable obstacles, discouraging us into giving up. As we play the game, new insights and perspectives will likely reveal simple and peaceful opportunities for nudging.

Whatever gets built must be open source: it shall always be available to anyone. I humbly call upon the genius of all who might participate and all who have spare resources. I describe this in detail on the game site.