The obstacle to universal acceptance

After considerable thinking, I've identified what I think is one of the major obstacles in our way: gullibility. As long as some people find it too difficult or are unwilling to question authority, we are unlikely to convince them that our current culture is harming them. The way past this obstacle is not clear to me. Can someone please resolve this, for all our sakes?

Questioning authority is difficult because doing so requires exploration outside the influence of our peer group, risking rejection.

Is universal acceptance necessary?

Is it necessary that everyone agree to abandon 1.0? Eventually, to avoid violent revolution, nearly every human being should be on the same side. What percentage is "nearly?" Well above half, perhaps 90%. I don't know, but I'm not sure that we need the answer yet.

I am optimistic that with enough smart and articulate people to do the persuading, we can grow towards that number.